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I am currently an MFA student at the U of Windsor.

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  1. Donmack permalink

    Hi Bruce:

    “Control” reminded me of one of my own things I wanted to share with you. I will place it below, but if you would send me your email address I could, in future, forward such directly and not mess up your blog.



    I ponder at the pine table, pen heavy in slack fingers;
    Look to see a ladybug riding waves of syncopated legs,
    Silhouetted against a sunlit leaf, pressed to my window.
    So busy, so hurried, so purposeful,
    But no shops to be found, only leaf edge.
    What can she be thinking?
    Where is she bound?
    Admirable certainty,
    Grace, and beauty, without conceit,
    Or makeup jar.

    Would that I could
    Give up my table, my window, and my pen
    And join her in the clarity of sun, and leaf, and air.

    Mad Mack

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